Range Information

Indoor Range -
Archery In Motion is proud to partner with Bass Pro Shops in Hooksett, NH to provide archers of all abilities and divisions access to practice time and lessons.  See the details below regarding AIM range information.

Outdoor Range
Archery In Motion uses an outdoor range located at the Derryfield School 2108 River Rd. Manchester, NH during the outdoor season. Please note that in case of adverse weather the scheduled outdoor program will be held at the indoor range. 

  • For dates and times regarding AIM classes and practice sessions,  check the calendar.  ALWAYS check the calendar, please. 
  • Maximum draw weight is 60 pounds.  A scale is available to confirm draw weight.
  • All arrow points must be target friendly.  No broadheads or field points.
  • INDOOR Range layout: 
    • Rules are posted on the range wall.  Please review them.
    • Distances vary from 9 to 30 meters.
    • During outdoor season, the indoor range has 16 lanes per shooting line.
    • During indoor season, the indoor range has 26 lanes per shooting line.
  • If you are certified as a Level II Instructor or higher and would like to schedule use of the range, please contact Dan or Siobhan at info@archeryinmotion.com.
  • If scheduled range sessions and classes do not coincide with your availability, please contact Dan or Siobhan at info@archeryinmotion.com to schedule private times.