Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a USA Archery program designed to teach archery to people ages 8 to 20.  The program offers instruction in both recurve and compound disciplines by certified instructors and coaches.  Archers begin by learning range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that fosters focus, self-confidence, and team building skills.  JOAD is designed to monitor and enhance each archer's growth and development in this great sport so the introductory classes naturally progress into more advanced techniques. 
JOAD archers are encouraged to participate in club activities and tournaments.  These events are posted on the AIM calendar, and email reminders are sent regularly to members.

JOAD goals are set by USA Archery.  As each goal is met, the archer earns an achievement pin. The AIM JOAD program has two groups: the Achievers and the Elites. The Achievers include archers new to the program or who earned the first four pins. The Elites include archers who achieved the fifth pin or higher.

To qualify for an AIM JOAD membership, an archer must complete an AIM approved archery course. The Explore Archery program (click the tab above for more details) is an ideal starting point; however, an archer who is familiar with range safety can join the JOAD program directly.  

  • There is a one-time club registration fee of $25, which includes a club t-shirt, lanyard, stretch band, and information packet.  
  •  The block fee for JOAD is $90 for the first family member with a 10% discount off the total price when more than one family member registers. 
  • The block fee is collected on a quarterly basis and includes nine JOAD sessions (three Saturdays per month) and any of the open range sessions (see calendar for dates and times).  Each block includes pin shoots.
  • JOAD indoor sessions begin at 11 am.  Arrive early to check in, assemble your equipment, and warm up.
  • JOAD archers must be active members of US Archery, which requires an annual fee.  Visit www.usarchery.org to register.  
  • Classroom equipment available for archers who do not have their own.

INDOOR AIM JOAD programs are held at Bass Pro Shops, 2 Commerce Drive, Hooksett, NH.
OUTDOOR AIM JOAD will be held at the Derryfield School 2108 River Rd. Manchester, NH

Quarterly Schedule

First Block:
January, February, March   
Second Block:
April, May, June
Third Block:
July, August, September
Fourth Block:
October, November, December

To register for JOAD, visit our Registration Forms page.    

For more information, contact the team at:
         Dan Bolduc (Level IV - NTS National Coach) 
603-707-0684 dan@archeryinmotion.com

         Brandon Beretta (Level III - NTS)                                                                                                                                                                             603-714-8856 or brandon@archeryinmotion.com