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We offer a Bow Package starting at $185. The Bow Package includes a complete bow, 6 arrows with custom fletching, a side quiver, arm guard, finger tab, bow stringer, and a 60cm target face.

Target Stands – $95

These “A.I.M. Flat Fold” Target Stands are custom made. They measure 25″W x 36″H x 3″D. They flat fold so that they are stackable and take up minimal room when traveling or storing.
The materials are a wood frame that has had years of testing for durability and functionality. The target butt is made of 4# Ethafoam and is what we use in our daily programs. Foam replacements can be purchased for $35 per sheet.

The Beginner Bows to Intermediate Bows are a good place to start. Pricing is affordable to get yourself or your young archer up and shooting. 

Greatree FireFox Bow

Greatree Mohegan Bow

Stepping up to the Intermediate Bows is the next step once the archer wants to get into the ILF (International Limb Fitting) risers and interchangeable limbs.

Greatree Point Bow 23" riser

Greatree Apple-X Bow 25" riser